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Canadore suspends Advertising and Marketing Communications program

Next spring marks the end of the Advertising and Marketing Communication program at Canadore College.

The seven students currently enrolled in the program will be the last group to graduate from the two year program.

Shawn Chorney who heads Vice President Enrolment Management, Indigenous and Student Affairs at Canadore says the program is being suspended.

Chorney stresses that’s a big difference from an outright cancellation.

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Chorney says when programs are suspended there’s the chance to retool them for the future in the event they can be brought back.

Chorney says the main reason the program has been suspended is the school has seen a steady decline in enrolment over the years.

Chorney says Canadore’s Advertising and Marketing Communications program has been around for about 25 years and during the peak periods it easily had 20 plus students.

In the ensuing years enrolment varied between 10 and 20 students.

Chorney says the drop became more noticeable over the last few years.

Canadore introduced some flexibility to the program which helped stave off the suspension decision for a while.

Chorney says the decision to finally suspend the program was made in April meaning no first year students would be admitted when classes began again last month.

Chorney says no one has bene laid off as a result of the decision because as he puts it the affected employees have been redeployed to other work at the college.

Chorney says because Canadore is always evolving, he wouldn’t be surprised to see elements of the suspended program make it to other parts of the college like to the digital media courses.

Asked why enrollment has been dropping in the program, Chorney said it could be any number of reasons.

One is if other post-secondary institutions offer a similar program meaning a number of schools are competing for a small number of students.

Another reason Chorney says is “it could be the number of people interested in this field is starting to dry up.”

Chorney says when Canadore suspends programs it’s to help ensure that all remaining programs are healthy.

However that can’t happen when only a handful of students enrol in a program even though they all have jobs after getting their two year diploma.

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