A man and woman in Sturgeon Falls are barred from owning any animals after a court found them guilty of mistreating a dog in their care.

Thirty-two-year-old Thomas Seguin and 41-year-old Michelle Auclair cannot own or care for animals for five years after being convicted on three animal cruelty charges.

The duo pleaded guilty to allowing an animal to be in distress, failure to comply with prescribed standards of care and failure to provide care necessary for the general welfare of an animal.

Both received two year probation terms plus they need to pay back the North Bay and District Humane Society $416.

On January 5th of this year the North Bay and District Humane Society and Ontario SPCA went to a home in Sturgeon Falls following a complaint about how a dog was being treated.

The investigators found a dog with red and inflamed ears, its paws were also red and raw and some of its fur was missing.

The SPCA told the owner to have the dog examined by a veterinarian.

When the owner ignored the order, the dog was removed from the home and taken to a vet.

The veterinarian found the dog was underweight and had severe flea allergy dermatitis and severe yeast infections in both ears.

The vet treated the dog and the North Bay and District Humane Society found it a new home.