A change is coming on how people are charged for taxi rides in West Nipissing.

The debate was started by the taxis earlier this year who wanted to end the flat rate system.

Under the old system, fares in Sturgeon Falls were charged by the metre and all other areas saw a flat rate charge.

However confusion arose when a long distant fare that started in a rural area came into Sturgeon Falls.

Staff’s solution to council calls a metre rate if the ride is 10 kilometres or less.

It changes to a negotiated fee between the passenger and driver if the ride is more than 10 kilometres.

However the change takes an additional factor into account.

The passenger will never pay more than the agreed upon amount but under some circumstances could end up paying less than what the parties agreed to.

For example if the passenger and driver agree to a flat rate of $40 but the meter shows $32 at the end of the ride, the fare pays $32.

But if the metre shows $45 when the destination is reached, the passenger will still pay the $40 because that was the original price both parties agreed to.