About 400 Ontario firefighters and another 85 from Alberta and British Columbia are fighting 69 forest fires in Northeastern Ontario.

In addition, firefighters from Saskatchewan are also expected to arrive.

The Ministry of Natural Resources expects the number of fires to grow after lightning struck the northeast Monday during a series of thunderstorms.

It’s already confirmed several new fires and expects to find more.

Of the 69 fires, eight are burning in the ministry’s North Bay cluster including one that forced residents from 20 Temagami-area homes to evacuate the area Sunday evening.

So far the fires in the North Bay cluster have destroyed more than five thousand hectares.

The ministry is also putting road travel restrictions in place in some areas close to the fires in an effort to protect the public.

Four of those roads are north of River Valley in West Nipissing where the public has camps or seasonal homes off Highway 805.

The affected roads are St. Joseph’s, Gibbons, South Pardo and Baie-Jeanne.

The ministry also says a north wind is driving smoke from many of the fires into cottage country.