Here is your chance to write a letter to Cecile and Annette, the surviving Dionne Quintuplets to wish them a happy birthday.

The Dionne Quints Heritage Board, in conjunction with the North Bay Grandmothers of Africa (NBGA), is hosting an event marking the anniversary of the birth of the Dionne Quints. May 28 is the Dionne Quintuplets’ birthday and a celebration will be held in their honour at Marina Point.

An address has been made available for those who would like to wish Annette and Cecile happy birthday. The hope is to brighten their spirits while sending the sisters your best regards. The cards and wishes to Annette and Cecile will be delivered by the board. Please note that their birthday is less than two weeks away so time is of the essence.

Att: Dionne Quints Heritage Board

PO Box 24070 Josephine PO

North Bay, Ontario, P1B 0A7

The cost for this event is $10 per person and will include refreshments courtesy of Marina Point and the NBGA group. All proceeds will be split between the NBGA group and Dionne Quints Board.

The Dionne Quints Heritage Board is also instituting a membership drive with the fee being $20 per person. An initial membership will be good until December 2019. All funds will go toward operations, including the (tentative) August 5 opening day, as well as landscaping for the new site.