The Northern Ontario Party says the province’s deficit and debt are crippling Ontario.

And the candidate running in Timiskaming-Cochrane says Ontario can never move forward if it’s always in the hole.

Shawn Poirier says there’s a lot of waste at various government ministries and a lot of thought has to be given to how work is carried out.

He says if one person can do the work of two, he questions why a ministry has two people on the job.

Poirier says if taxpayers can follow a budget, then so should the provincial government.

He adds the government has to treat taxpayers who give it money to run the province with respect.

Poirier says as long as Ontario is mired in never ending deficit budgets and keeps piling on the debt, the province can never really move forward.

On Monday we’ll post comments from Green Party candidate Casey Lalonde on this matter.