Real Estate agents have a growing concern with the sale of future homes once the federal government legalizes marijuana use.

The Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) says the legislation will allow people to grow up to four marijuana plants in the home and don’t have to disclose that information once the home goes up for sale.

Steve Liddle, who is the President of the North Bay Real Estate Board, says that should worry unsuspecting homebuyers.

Grow ops have been known to lead to mold and Liddle says once the spores are released that could lead to respiratory problems.

“You could see lung irritations and some people are more susceptible to this than others,” Liddle said.

Liddle says OREA is tackling this issue on at least two fronts.

First it’s been talking to the provincial government about getting the Ontario Building Code amended to show what homes have grow ops.

“That house (with a grow op) would be noted in the land titles offices,” Liddle said.

“So when the transfer is going through, the lawyers would be able to see that it was deemed a grow op and (the buyer) would have an opportunity not to complete the purchase.”

Federal legislation will allow people to legally grow marijuana in homes and that’s a concern for the real estate industry. Photo credit: Supplied

Liddle said OREA is also trying to have the number of marijuana plants that can be grown reduced to one from the proposed four.

Liddle adds OREA has been asking its relators and the public to contact their MPPs to ensure their concerns are noted.

So far there’s no indication that the province plans to amend the Ontario Building Code to reflect OREA’s concerns and recommendations.

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