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Ice fishing season well underway on Lake Nipissing

Ice fishing is in full bloom on Lake Nipissing.   Conservation Officer Micah Plourde says a lot of people enjoy the activity and obey the rule on type of fish caught and size limits.  However Plourde says some break the rules and he has a warning for this group.  Plourde says Conservation Officers with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry patrol the lake during all seasons and that includes the winter ice season.  “We always have a certain number of people that choose to break the laws and those are the ones we’re working to keep in line,” said Plourde.

Plourde says anglers basically pursue three types of fish during ice fishing season.   He says people with sport fishing licenses can catch two walleye, four pike and 50 perch each day.  The daily catch number is cut in half for people with conservation fishing licenses.  Plourde says size restrictions are in place for walleye and pike but not perch.

At any one season, Lake Nipissing could see more than 1,000 huts on the ice.  Plourde says there are no rules on how far apart the huts have to be from one another or material used.   Ice fishing season ends March 16th and remember you need to remove your hut by March 31st.   At any one season Lake Nipissing could see more than one thousand huts on the ice.

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