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Vanthof says large fluctuations in gas prices to continue

Timiskaming-Cochrane MPP John Vanthof says northerners can expect huge fluctuations in gas prices to continue.  Vanthof says that’s what northerners face after the Wynne Liberals voted against an NDP proposal to regulate gas prices.  Vanthof says what’s also sad is that former NDP MP Glenn Thibeault no longer has the interests of voters in mind now that he’s a Liberal.   Vanthof says when he sat in Ottawa as a New Democrat, Thibeault was one of the loudest voices to complain about the price of gas but since becoming a Liberal it seems like he’s forgotten how to represent the people and instead represents the Liberal Party.

Vanthof says some of the reasons he heard from the Liberals not to support the proposed legislation was we’ll all have electric cars in 10 years, so there was no need to regulate gas prices.  But Vanthof says that makes no sense because they ignore today’s challenges.   Vanthof says by ignoring the NDP proposal the Liberals are again showing they don’t understand the challenges the north faces and their negative vote is them thumbing their nose at the North.

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