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Fedeli fights Liberal claims over Tory policies

Vic Fedeli of Nipissing is countering Liberal claims that policies under a Progressive Conservative government would amount to $12-billion in cuts.  The Liberals say these cuts could see 15,000 teachers fired or one in five schools closed.  However, Fedeli says this is fear mongering.  Fedeli says a Tory government would eliminate the Liberals’ cap and trade program and replace it with a carbon tax which saves $ 6 billion.

He says the Tories’ program would be revenue neutral because it returns money to consumers.  The Tory finance critic says only with the Liberals is getting rid of the cap and trade perceived as cutting services.  Fedeli says the Liberals are trying to scare people by claiming the Tory carbon tax would add $1,200 in annual costs to families.   He says the public cannot trust their numbers.  He says these are the same Liberals who said the fallout from the gas plant scandal would be $40-million but ended up costing us $1.2 billion.

As for the second half of the Liberal claims about $12 billion in cuts, Fedeli says the Tories would use a reasonable approach to save a further $ 6 billion.   He says they would try to look for savings in two cents out of every dollar.

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