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Fedeli says more proof selling surplus power costs Ontarians money

The MPP for Nipissing says the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers is right in saying selling our surplus power costs us a lot of money.  Vic Fedeli says the Ontario Liberals keep denying this.  However Fedeli says there’s a major factor the Liberals never consider when they claim selling surplus power makes Ontario money.  He says they don’t take into account the cost to make the power in the first place.

Fedeli says an analysis by the engineers shows selling that surplus power costs Ontarians an additional $500-million annually.   “Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, New York and Quebec all get surplus power from Ontario at a fraction of the cost,” said the Tory finance critic.  “They buy the power for a cheaper price than it cost us to make.”  Fedeli says the engineers’ society is non-partisan with no axe to grind so when it makes a claim, it should be taken seriously.

Fedeli says it’s not just the society making this claim, adding the Auditor General has said it several times.   Fedeli the numbers show that on average Ontario needs about 20,000 megawatts a day of power but produces about 30,000 megawatts daily.  Since we still don’t have the capability to store the energy, it’s sold off to the America states or Quebec.

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