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Energy minister says regulating gas prices doesn’t work

Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault says regulating gas prices would hurt consumers across Ontario.  Thibeault says that’s according to the Ontario Energy Board after he asked it to study the issue.  Thibeault was responding to a motion from Northern Ontario New Democrat Gilles Bisson who is calling for uniform gas prices.  Thibeault says three main reasons create price differentials across Ontario and they are transportation costs, the volume of gas sold and big-box stores that go after low margins.  Thibeault says the OEB report found that Canadians in provinces where gas is regulated pay more at the pumps than others in jurisdictions where gasoline is not regulated.  Thibeault says current gas prices are for the most part lower than they were 10 years ago.  After accounting for inflation, pump prices are about six per cent higher nowadays compared to 1991.

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