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Fedeli’s Focus of Finance rips into Liberals over several claims

In his latest Focus of Finance, Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli paints a dire picture of Ontario’s financial future.  Fedeli says in five years, Ontario’s debt will hit nearly half a trillion dollars and that’s thanks to new hydro debt of $93-billion.   He says Premier Kathleen Wynne’s plan to save us $24-billion in hydro costs by spending $93-billion makes no sense.  When asked how a Progressive Conservative government could turn this around Fedeli said the Tories would follow the advice of the Auditor General which is cut waste, management and scandals.  Fedeli says one scandal the Auditor General discovered is highway contractors are supposed to use asphalt with a 15-year life but the roads are falling apart after two years.  Fedeli says on top of that, the Premier gave an $8-million bonus to these contractors last year.

Fedeli also takes a swipe at the Liberals in his Focus on Finance with their claim that they have fixed a broken down hydro system.   The Tory finance critic says the Liberals claim they did that by spending $50-billion.   They next say that’s resulted in fewer brownouts and blackouts.   But Fedeli says the Auditor General says this is not the case and the system remains broken.   Fedeli says documents show Ontario has the worst blackout record across North America.  He says the Blackout Tracker states blackouts in Ontario are up 275 percent from 2010 to 2015.  Fedeli says the bottom line is the Liberals are not upfront with the numbers but at least the Auditor General and the Financial Accountability Officer are.    Fedeli’s Focus on Finance is available at his constituency office or at his website at

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