The Ontario budget is getting a failing grade from the Northern Ontario Party.  Spokesman Myles Clayton says it seems Premier Kathleen Wynne has either forgotten there’s a Northern Ontario or the north no longer matters.  Clayton says many of the programs in last week’s budget are geared toward Southern Ontario like new hospitals for Windsor and Niagara while the north sees healthcare cuts.  Clayton says Toronto is getting 2,000 taxpayer-subsidized homes and the north gets nothing. Clayton says the NOP wants a new Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry operated by northerners.  He adds the party wants to see First Nations have their own Fish and Wildlife game system where they enforce the rules among their members.  The NOP would also give manufactures a tax break on a sliding scale for ten 10 years if the bulk of their products are finished in the north.  The new party would also form partnerships with stakeholders involved with the Ring of Fire to kick-start the massive chromite project.  This includes building a road or rail line to the site from Nakina.