The president of BMT Insurance says the company dropped a lawsuit against Cochrane Mayor Peter Politis because it’s taking the high road and wants to move beyond the issue.   After council unanimously approved BMT’s bid in 2015, Politis was the only council member to oppose the bid.   However in speaking to Moose News from the company’s Timmins office, Joel Bergeron says that during the course of the debate, Politis engaged in a personal attack against Rheal Cousineau, the company’s manager in Cochrane, and BMT.  Bergeron says the comments should not have been made and adds BMT and Cousineau were trying to protect their reputation.   Bergeron says BMT decided to sue because Politis’ comments were hurtful to the firm and it had a reputation to maintain.  Bergeron says BMT has been in Cochrane for years and it’s good to see that council has confidence in its ability by renewing the policy.  He says BMT will continue to be a constructive member of Cochrane’s business community and it’s time to put this issue to rest.  The Moose apologizes for not contacting BMT Insurance prior to releasing the original story.