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FONOM backing TransCanada pipeline project

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The Federal Government will soon start a 21-month review process regarding TransCanada’s Energy East pipeline project.

The president of the Federation of Northern Ontario Municipalities says he’s glad the process has gotten to this point.

Al Spacek says despite the concern over safety, TransCanada has done everything they can to ensure this is their first and foremost priority.

Spacek says there are places like North Bay that have their concerns, but they expect TransCanada will continue to engage the city. He says FONOM is hopeful and agreement for all parties can be made through those discussions.

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Spacek says TransCanada has already demonstrated they are implementing the highest safety standards into this project.

There is an estimated 3800 full time jobs that will be created with the project. The goal is to take an existing natural gas line and convert it to a crude oil carrier. Spacek says that is a giant economic impact that we need in this region.

He adds this would give Canada a chance to produce its own oil. He says that’s a benefit to Eastern Canada which is being overlooked. Right now they are importing oil from third world countries, which Spacek says doesn’t have the environmental or human rights record Canada has.

Accessing Canadian oil and giving it back to Canadians will be a major step forward for the country he says.

Spacek went on to say Canada and Alberta are not getting a good price for oil because they are restricted to what market they can get it to. This pipeline conversion will allow them to get fair market value for their product. He says this is also the safest way to move this kind of oil.

Spacek adds there is also a chance Canadians will see some kind of decrease on the price of gas at the pumps.

He says he doesn’t know all the intricacies of the gasoline market, but one would have to assume there would be a larger element of control if it is supplied by a domestic producer.

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